Undercounter Water Filters

Updated: July 13, 2024.

Our tap water takes a long path before it is delivered to our faucets. The major sources of water are groundwater (wells) and rivers, lakes, streams (surface water.) These water sources are full of many contaminants and chemicals that are a result of natural and human activities. The water is treated and processed at municipal plants and then finally pumped to our homes through long underground pipes.

Undercounter Water Filters - Pure Water From Kitchen Sink

Water treatment plants add a bunch of chemicals to clear the water of harmful substances. For example, Chlorine is applied to water in order to kill bacteria and viruses such as Cholera. Of course Chlorine offers great health benefits by preventing diseases in our water supplies. On the other hand, the application of Chlorine to water creates new health problems. Chlorine reacts in water with other organic material to form tritrihalomethanes (THMs.) These are toxic and dangerous by products of Chlorinated water. In fact, tritrihalomethanes (THMs) is strongly linked with certain cancers, miscarriage, fetal malformations, and stillbirths.

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Consequently you have Chlorine and its by products (THMs) dissolved in your tap water. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) sets certain limits as to the maximum amounts of these chemicals allowed in water supplies. This means that these chemicals are found in water supplies at “safe levels.” However, you clearly don’t want to take any risks even if it’s considered “safe” to consume certain amounts of the chemicals. You know Chlorine and THMs are harmful to your health, and you should do something about it.

Undercounter Water Filters

The solution to having fresh, pure, and safe water is a water filter. The most economical water filtering solutions are Point Of Use systems. These are simply systems where a water filter is connected to a specific point such as a kitchen faucet, rather than the entire household water supply (which would be very expensive.) You probably want to have only a single water filter hooked up to your main supply of drinking and cooking water, the kitchen sink.

Under The Counter Water Filters

An excellent example of a Point Of Use system is an undercounter water filter. This type of water filter easily connects to a water supply line of a faucet, and provides filtered water through its own faucet or spout. Undercounter water filters are easy to install, compact, and convenient. These water filters are nicely tucked away under the counter, behind closed cabinets. Undercounter water filters are relatively small in size, and minimize storage space. The most important feature of water filters is obviously their efficient in removing many contaminants and impurities from your water. Expect the latest and best technology from your undercounter water filters. The lifetime of undercounter water filters is at least six months, after which new filter cartridges must be replaced. Now that you understand the basics about water contaminants and undercounter water filters, let’s review some great products that you should consider buying.

An excellent example is the Aquasana undercounter water system AQ-4000U. This undercounter water filter includes an attractive lead-free faucet and all the proper fittings, brackets, tubing, for easy installation. The Aquasana undercounter water system filters out many contaminants from water including Chlorine, THMs, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), Cysts, Benzene, and others. Additionally, this water filter even filters out the smallest harmful particles with sizes of 0.5 microns. It should be noted that this undercounter water filter should be used with municipal water supplies only. The Aquasana undercounter water system AQ-4000U is available for just over $140.00, with free shipping included.

Undercounter Water Filter System

Go ahead and order this state of the art and affordable undercounter water filter, and enjoy the purest and safest tap water. No more worries about the harmful effects of Chlorine, THMs, and other contaminants.

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